Private investigation advisors since 1980


Founded in 1980, our company specializes in analyzing and advising people (natural or legal) who want the intervention of a private investigator. Whether it is a private or commercial business, our extensive experience in the field of investigation allows you to offer a wide range of services with strong guarantees.

Our appointments are free and allow you to get a clear and precise quote, without commitments. Our company is committed to respecting the professional secrecy for all the business entrusted to it.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors, who will be able to inform you if the intervention of a private detective is necessary and what results could be hoped for.


Some situations demand an external view without any prejudice based on the requirements and preoccupation of the clients.


Nowadays Companies face recurrent conflicts opposing their employees, clients, suppliers and even partners.


Our company has the expertise and capacity to intervene very quickly anywhere and everywhere in the world.



Data Storage and Archiving

All the offices of the Company are secured and the digital information collected are stored on secured servers. The company stores the data collected for a dossier for 10 years in conformity with Article 127 CO. After expiry of this period the date is destroyed/Deleted. We never archive original document but only copies of document.

Data protection and integrity

The company undertake to protect all information gathered during the execution of the contract as per the law on “Protection des Données”. Personal information are used strictly as indicated and informed while it was originally collected. The data collected, is processed according to the principle of good faith and proportionality.

Professional Secret

Our agency undertakes to respect the professional secret for all the cases that it is assigned. This undertaking has no time limit. Our company ensures that our ALL our employees do same. The existence of a case is in itself confidential.

Global Partners

All our partners around the world are licenced professional. They are bound with our company by confidentiality clause. The company decision maker ensures they meet them individually and in person before any collaboration.

Legal Guarantees

Our Agency guarantee the use of only legal means during its investigations. All the documents and reports submitted by the company can be use in a court of law. To ensure this is possible we collaborate closely with qualified professional in the legal field.


Best endeavours obligation

Our Company undertake to deploy its best effort in completing the assignment it has been assigned. It undertake to deal with the task at hand and to complete the contract signed as mentioned in the article 394 and following Code des Obligations (CO).

Legal Counselling

Our Agency work in close collaboration with qualified professional in the legalfield. The latter counsels the team and the client over the course of an investigation of options they may want to explore.


All the agents of the company are subject to the principle of deontology that regulates the profession of private detective/private investigator.